Nokia to work on Graphene, world's strongest material

graphene-image.jpgIt sounds a bit like the plot from a graphic novel, but this week Nokia has been given a huge grant of $1.35 billion from the European Union in order to develop graphene, which is described as a “super material”, because not only is it mend-bendingly thin, it’s also stronger than metal.

According to Mashable, the Finnish company was given the small fortune from the European Union’s future and emerging technologies programme (FET) in order to develop the material for its own products in the future and also to drive technological and societal innovation.

Nokia makes up just one company of the Graphene Flagship Consortium, a collection of the top global corporations who are looking to make a positive impact on a number of industries by developing the super material.

At only one atom thick, Graphene is insanely thin and Nokia claims not only is it so compact, but it’s around 300 times stronger than steel, making it ideal for solving a number of modern computing problems and suitable for a range of different environments.

[Via Mashable]

Becca Caddy