Twitter (probably) won't side with UK police and reveal your identity

twitter-thumb.jpgFor those crazy conspiracy theory nutcases amongst you who think Twitter and Facebook were purely set up in order to pass our details onto the government, then you’ll be surprised to know that Twitter has revealed it’s hardly ever handed personal information over to the police when they’ve asked for it. But then again they WOULD say that wouldn’t they?

Even though there have been a number of very high profile cases over the past year or so that involve trolling incidents, in its new Transparency Report, Twitter claims that it only once handed the personal details of a user over to police here in the UK over the past six months.

That’s not to say it hasn’t been a little more cooperative in other countries, with an estimated 57% of information being divulged across the globe to those who requested it.

But Twitter won’t just go handing over details because you’re wearing a uniform, according to the report there are many reasons why the micro-blogging may not comply, including investigations that fail to identify one specific Twitter account, overly broad requests and those that have been challenged by users after Twitter initially approached them.

[Via Telegraph]

Becca Caddy