HMV to accept gift cards again from UK customers

hmv-logo.-logo.jpgWhen news that HMV might be going into administration hit the land of Twitter everyone started moaning about their completely useless gift cards, but now it seems the state of the UK high street might not be quite as dire as we were all expecting, because they’ll be accepted as a form of payment again from tomorrow.

Many were really angry that HMV had continued to sell its gift cards over the Christmas period for clueless friends and relatives to pick up and give to those they didn’t know well enough to buy an actual present for. But it seems it’s not just wasted money now that Deloitte, the company helping HMV to slowly die, has realised it can keep accepting them for the time being. We just hope you all didn’t throw yours out in a fit of rage…

Despite the sad news it seems it’s not all doom and gloom for HMV, as a number of other retailers and even music labels are considering snapping it up for a good price.

[Via Tech Radar]

Becca Caddy