FaceWash cleanses Facebook of smut and swears

facewash-image.jpgThere are tonnes of things that annoy us about Facebook, like photos of our friends’ ugly babies, chavvy status updates DAT SOUND LYK DIS and of course lots of over-sharing about illnesses, arguments and fertility issues. Really swear words are the least of our worries – in fact they make mundane updates just a tad bit more interesting – but if you’re offended by profanities, then a new app called FaceWash is for you.

FaceWash scans through everything to do with you on Facebook, including your profile, news feed and photos you’re tagged in, removing all of the naughty words from existence.

We can’t really understand why you’d need to download FaceWash, but maybe if you spend a lot of your time stalking people and your boss is fine with your social media obsession but not your use of curse words, then it could be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

Start using FaceWash now if you want your online life to be more “professional” or, you know, boring.

Becca Caddy