ROUND-UP: Shiny Shiny's Christmas 2012 gift guides

christmas-cats-hats.jpgThis year we’ve been busy little elves, collecting together the top gadgets, accessories and cool things from the past 12 months that would make the best gifts for your loved ones. Whether you’re looking for a cheap eReader (we’d go for the 6″ Kindle), awesome new Android camera (Samsung Galaxy all the way) or a gold plated vibrator (this one from Lelo will sort you out), we’re here to help.

Every time we write up a new gift guide we’ll be adding it to the list below, so you don’t have to go searching here, there and everywhere for what you need either.

If you’d like us to review a certain product, pull together a specific kind of gallery or write up a buying guide about how to choose the best kind of product, then let us know in the comments below or get in touch with us on Twitter @ShinyShiny.

10 Cool gadgets & accessories for girls (under £50)

If you’ve got a geeky girl to buy for this year but you’re struggling for present ideas then take a look at our list for Christmas 2012, complete with must-have accessories, a bright new fitness tracker, a teeny tiny sex toy and of course a real life (kinda) Boo the dog.

The gift we’d love to open on Christmas day: This purple Lomography Fisheye Analogue Camera.

10 Cool gadgets & accessories for girls (over £100)

If you’ve got a geeky girl to buy for this year but you’re struggling for present ideas then take a look at our flashy expensive list for Christmas 2012, complete with the coolest USB turntable, a luxury leather tote for laptops, a gold-plated vibrator and Nintendo’s Wii U.

The gift we’d love to open on Christmas day: The Knomo Alice Tote so we can carry our gadgets around with us all day.

Cool gadgets & accessories for geeky guys

If you’ve got a geeky guy to buy for this year but you’re struggling for present ideas then take a look at our list for Christmas 2012, complete with tech DIY kits, Herschel accessories, Marshall speakers and the iPad Mini.

Our favourite from the bunch: The Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera.

Top 5 UK eReaders for all budgets

Everyday we get sent research telling us that eReaders are purchased as gifts and then never used afterwards, but regardless of what surveys tell us there are still a LOT of die-hard eReader fans, just take a look at how many hands are full of shiny little Kindles on the tube.

So here’s our pick of five eReaders available in the UK whatever your budget happens to be. Just make sure the person you’re buying for isn’t stuck in the past and would happily accept a little eReader over a regular book made of paper and old stuff (eww).

Our favourite eReader: The Kindle Paperwhite with a built-in light.

The 10 best fitness gadgets, apps & accessories

We’ve collected together some of our favourite fitness tech products from the past year with the help of our sister site, Connected Health, that we think would make great presents this Christmas whether you’re buying for a fitness fanatic or someone who’s been reluctant to get out the door and work up a sweat.

The gadget we’d like to find under the tree: The Fitbit One, which tracks your daily activity and even your sleep.

Top UK high street cameras for beginners, retro geeks & social media addicts

There are so many different cameras on the market at the moment that all kinda look the same, sound the same and on paper have the same features, so instead of wading through pages and pages of reviews, just shop based on who you’re buying for and narrow your options right down. We’ve collected together some of our favourite cameras available to buy online or direct from UK high street stores, for those that like to stay on top of trends, social media addicts and complete beginners as well as a few more.

The gadget we’ve been drooling over the most: The Samsung Galaxy Camera running on Android Jelly Bean.

10 Apps, toys and games for kids

No one gets as crazily excited about Christmas time as little people, so make sure you buy your kids or teeny tiny relatives only the most fun, quirky and disruptive of presents this year.

The one that’ll make you king or queen of the kids this Christmas: The AppToyz AppBlaster, an augmented reality shoot-em-up.

Top 5 stylish Windows 8 tablet/laptop convertibles

If you’re looking to really splash the cash on someone this Christmas and they’re after a small laptop or tablet, then take a look at our top pick of bang up-to-date convertible devices running Windows 8 for the style conscious.

Our favourite gadget of the bunch: Lenovo Yoga

10 Mobile photography gadgets & accessories

Although cool lens dials or handy tripods may seem like strange Christmas presents when the rest of your family are handing out sweaters and chocolates, there are plenty of gadgets and accessories available at the moment that’d make perfect stocking fillers for mobile photography lovers.

Whether you’re buying for someone who’s serious about their photography or just likes to mess around with Instagram now and again, we’ve collected together some of our favourite accessories that’ll help them get the best results from their phone’s camera. Or at least give them something to play around with on Christmas day.

Our favourite little mobile photo gadget this year: The Swivl, your own mini camera crew and clever robot rolled into one.

10 Samsung Galaxy S3 cases for her

Yeah we know, a phone case for a Christmas present? Bit lame, right? Well not if you pick something from our list that doesn’t just protect the new Samsung Galaxy SIII but looks awesome too.

We’re reluctant to label a mobile phone case guide “for her”, but don’t worry, there’s no diamante, pink fluff or Hello Kitty in sight…

The case we heart the most: The glittering Glam from Case Mate, because it’s just so festive.

Becca Caddy