Instagram's Twitter tantrum continues as photos are removed from tweets

twitter-instagram-rivals-2.jpgLast week Instagram threw all of its toys out of the pram and sabotaged the way its photos looked in tweets so that users would be more inclined to click away from the micro-blogging platform and into the arms of the photo app’s new web presence.

Well now things have taken a turn for the worse and Instagram has pulled its photos completely from your Twitter stream, so all users will now see is a link to where your photo lives online. This latest move admittedly seems extreme, but does make more sense than just turning Instagram snaps into stupid cropped squares.

Twitter officially acknowledged Instagram’s move over the weekend and now many are speculating as to whether it’ll sit back and let the changes happen or add filters to its photo service, a rumour we’ve heard a lot over the past year. Despite the fact Instagram is really popular and many won’t stray from its dedicated community, we imagine those who like to share their photos on Twitter and want them to look good could be swayed if the micro-blogging platform creates a rival service.

[Via Venture Beat]

Becca Caddy