STUDY: A quarter of Brits Instagram all photos they share online

instagram-cat-1.jpegMore than a quarter of posing, hipster, smartphone-owning Britons Instagram the photos they share online without fail, according to new research.

The study, commissioned by, about attitudes to Instagram and mobile photography found that 24% of Brits with smartphones said all of the photos they take are cropped, turned into a silly little square, edited and then added to Instagram shortly after.

A whopping 96% said they share all of their photos online in some shape or form and when asked how many photos they roughly share a quarter remained faithful to Instagram, 39% said they turn to the app to share “some” of their snaps and the rest use other apps or don’t share things at all. Bah, what anti-social losers.

It’s always a big topic for debate and discussion among geeky photo app types about what you should and shouldn’t be Instagramming. I recently realised that most of my photos are of nights out, food or just my stupid big face. According to the research, 57% were similar and admitted to taking photos of their food, 49% snapped their friends a lot and 44% of the more arty, hipster types said they take photos of the cool buildings and locations they visit.

However, despite our love for Instagramming everything we eat, see and do, more than 46% of those polled also admitted to finding it really annoying when others share too many photos.

Instagram’s new profile pages and bolstered web presence is only set to make it more popular in the future. As much as some have whined about the fact they liked the photo service to be mobile only, we’ve seen just as many who’ve said they see the benefits of it more and more now that it can be accessed so easily online.

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The study by polled 1,978 people from across the UK.

Becca Caddy