Facebook updates its super cheesy friendship pages

facebook-friendship-pages copy.jpg

We’ll forgive you for forgetting that friendship pages on Facebook even exist as they’re kinda hidden away and a bit rubbish. Up until now they’ve just documented the friendship between you and a mate or a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/ex/family member/stalker, whatever, but now they’re set to get a fancy new revamp to turn your relationship with them into a cringeworthy story that looks like your personal timeline.

The new friendship timelines are being rolled out over the next few weeks and will be crammed full of all the lovely things you’ve done together, the events you’ve both attended, photos of you both and your mutual friends, complete with a cover photo of you both together hugging or whatever it is you spend your time doing.

If that doesn’t sound irritating enough, if you’re in a relationship and visit facebook.com/us you’ll get a super creepy friendship page for you and your significant other. AWH. Oh and we checked, if you go to that link and you’re single Facebook will just redirect you to your info page so that you’ve got an added reminder that you’re single and will die alone.

To see if your friendship pages have had an update yet, then just click on someone, go to the little cog thing under their cover photo on the right and click “See Friendship”.

It’s not clear why Facebook has decided to revamp its friendship pages, whether it’s just to update them to the new timeline format or start encouraging us to view them, share them or do something else with them in future. But right now we think the new design is cool for friendships, super cheesy and vomit inducing for couples and pretty soul destroying for relationships that are now over. ENJOY.

[Via Facebook Newsroom]

Becca Caddy