Snowglo is a UK-based social network, game AND review site rolled into one


When we see a new site, gadget or app described as “the next big thing” we usually run for the hills, but Snowglo, a social network, game and reviews site rolled into one, definitely looks interesting, full of incentives and uh… snowy.

To get started with Snowglo you need to create a profile and from there you can collect friends, follow others and most importantly review things, like a film, a product or just anything else. The site tries to be friendly and quirky by telling you that you can review a rainbow or the view from your window, but don’t expect many other people to really care about any of that stuff, at the moment games, films and tech products are proving to be the most popular.

You can browse through reviews and if you find someone who writes about things you like in a way you like then you can follow them and gather followers yourself by writing awesome stuff. Other followers give you kudos for your content and you can earn badges, awards and eventually money the more you write. Of course adding in gaming features isn’t really new or surprising, but it’s a nice touch and a way to incentivise people to leave more reviews of a better quality.

We don’t mean to sound fluffy here (alright, sometimes) but we kinda love and hate the fact you work your way up through different animals as you get more kudos, starting off as just a snowflake then becoming a yeti or a wolf and stuff. Oh and did we mention the logo is a big polar bear? Yep…

We’re not sure whether Snowglo should really be described as a social network, but it’s admittedly a pretty subjective term. Just because you’re kind of interacting with other people online are you on a social network? Maybe, but it seems much more of a review platform than anything else.

We’re not sure Snowglo will take off given there are so many similar offerings and places people turn to for reviews already, like Amazon, but it’s an interesting concept and the inclusion of game mechanics, the light hearted tone and easy-to-use features may certainly pull in a jolly reviewing crowd.

Becca Caddy