Social network nibblr brings foodies together offline to stuff their faces


There are all kinds of cool things to do and visit in London, like museums, art galleries and historical stuff, but arguably the best thing about the capital is the FOOD. But the thing is it can be really hard to keep up with the latest hot dog joints, pop-up restaurants, dining experiences, outdoor eating feasts, we really could go on and on. Then there’s the issue of who you take to watch you eat those burgers like a cannibal, you said you’d go with a friend from work, your flatmates, but you’d also like to meet new people and chat about new things. OK, OK we know it’s a #firstworldproblem, but it’s a problem nonetheless.

Well enter nibblr, a social network that aims to connect you with fellow food lovers, plan meals at great venues and most importantly eat to your heart’s content.

So let’s address the name, yep it’s totally cliche (let’s just add an R to the end, yeah? YEAH?), but it’s also cute and catchy, so we’ll let it slide…

To get started with nibblr you sign yourself up for an account with all the usual stuff, like your basic details, a photo and a bit about who you are and why you’d be interesting to eat with. If you’re not interesting don’t worry, you can still sign up or just lie.

Once you’ve got an account you’re ready to go and can start browsing eating experiences in your local area that have been submitted by local restaurants. You can read a bit about what you’ll get, how much it’ll cost and who’ll be joining you.

If you’re into networking nibblr is a brilliant tool because you can view (read:stalk) the people that’ll be joining you before you sign up yourself. But don’t worry you don’t have to be some neurotic social butterfly all the time, you can put your name down for a meal on your own so you can meet a whole table of new people or bully your friends into joining you too.

Neil Rafferty, nibblr’s CEO, said:

“Eating has always been a social thing, but finding a restaurant is a social experience too. We’re trying to bring people together over a shared love of food in a way that is useful and exciting. The whole process of deciding where and what to eat, organising who we’re eating with, through to reviewing how the night went is why we decided to launch nibblr – we felt there needed to be a place to do all of that online.”

We can’t wait to get started, get meeting new people and obviously get eating. Our only problem with the nibblr experience is that in the dining tips section users are urged to not sit and Instagram their food or overshare too much with people they’ve just met, which are both integral parts of our eating experiences….

Visit and stuff your faces.

Becca Caddy

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