relaxation site is cheesy but effective


We all know that it’s important to take some time out each day, get away from the computer screen, go for a walk, exercise or meditate. However, most days it’s pretty much impossible to get away from your computer screen, especially when your boss is breathing down your neck and you’ve got a deadline to meet. So, enter, an online meditation tool which may not beat an actual walk, a workout or a real life waterfall, but will encourage you to calm down a little bit throughout the day.

The super simple relaxation therapy website serves up a number of different settings, including a waterfall, cornfield and the ocean and you can either watch the videos of the scenery or accompany it with guided meditation and some relaxing music.

Yes it seems a little bit cheesy, but add it to your bookmarks bar and force yourself just to take two minutes everyday, it’ll make you feel much better both physically and mentally. We promise.

[Via Connected Health Store]
Becca Caddy