Shiny Shiny's ultimate guide to girl geek Halloween costumes


Yeah OK, we’re not sure how comfortable we are with the term “girl geek” either, but if you’re female and you’re into comic books, video games and the worlds of sci-fi film and TV we may have some Halloween costumes ideas that are right up your street.

We’ve tried to shy away from the “I’m female. It’s Halloween. I must dress like a massive slut” stereotype, but we’d rather not get into some huge debate about whether flaunting the junk in your trunk makes you a terrible human being or just happy in your own skin, so we’ve tried to provide you with a few different options.

Feel free to laugh at them, create your own or spend your hard earned cash on an outfit that makes you look like a Pacman ghost. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

The guides:

Girl geek Halloween costumes video game edition: Angry Birds, Lara Croft, Princess Peach

Girl geek Halloween costumes comic book edition: Catwoman, Emma Frost, She-Ra

Girl geek Halloween costumes film & TV edition: Leeloo, Hit Girl, Neytiri

Our top five:

1. Hit Girl from Kick Ass, because her character in the movie swears like a sailor, she can genuinely kick ass and the costume isn’t too x-rated.

2. Cat Woman, because it’s such an easy outfit to create yourself and we all had a massive girl crush on Anne Hathaway earlier in the year for her portrayal of Cat Woman/Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises.

3. Princess Leia from Star Wars, if you’re into sci-fi films she’ll still be your ultimate heroine. Just make sure you trade the gold bikini for this much more badass version of the princess.

4. Zombie Nurse from The Walking Dead or Planet Terror, admittedly you have to buy blood and make-up for this to look good, but we’re obsessed with zombies right now.

5. Pac-Man Ghost, because it’s ridiculous, geeky and a little bit scary. Kind of.

Becca Caddy