Photo printing and sharing service Keepsy comes to the iPhone


We’ve written about photo printing and cool-book-making service Keepsy a few times in the past for our “awesome things you can do with your Instagram snaps” round-ups and it’s a firm favourite in a sea of similar offerings.

Well now this week Keepsy differentiates itself from the competition that little bit more, because it’s launched an iPhone application, complete with new sharing and printing options, as well as a whole host of other features.

The first cool feature of the Keepsy app is it sifts through all of the photos in your camera roll and then divides them into different sets based on where and when they were taken. So for instance, I have two albums called “Bethnal Green” but one is from Field Day Festival last year and the other is from a night out in Hoxton a few weeks ago, so I was pretty impressed with the way everything had been organised automatically.

Once you’ve browsed through your sets to check they all make sense and added in any rogue photos that didn’t appear (all of ours were neat and tidy, so we didn’t need to bother), you can share them to your social networks or scroll through options to have them printed with Keepsy’s book services.

However, the app isn’t just about sharing, using and creating new things from your photos, there are also a number of photography tips and photo projects to get you capturing more adventurous images too.

Obviously the app is geared up to get you to buy Keepsy’s stuff and we can’t guarantee you’ll ditch your current photo sharing and organising apps in favour, but it’s a cool app wrapped up in a great user experience and because it comes with sharing options and photo tips too it doesn’t seem “salesy” at all.

Available from iTunes for free.

Becca Caddy