Moo buys to sort out your online identity too


The super cool print company and business card specialists over at Moo are all set to buy up equally cool home page creator, so they can ensure we have the best possible visual identity both online and offline.

London-based Moo allows you to print all kinds of things for you or your business, like stickers, labels and quirky accessories, but it’s most popular for its quick and customisable business card service, whether you’re looking for something professional, glossy or a fun mini card. On the other hand, is solely an online service, which allows you to create really great looking home pages and customise pretty much every element of it.

They may seem like rather different entities, but given they’re both so focused on making you look the best you can both online and offline, in many ways it’s a match made in self promotion heaven. Richard Moross, the Founder and CEO of Moo explained the purchase:

“As we look to the future of personal and professional identity, MOO is excited about building closer ties between print and the web, helping better-connect customers¹ virtual and physical worlds through smart objects and online identities. The Flavors product is key to this strategy, beautifully complimenting MOO’s design-led approach, and providing us with an existing platform from which to build our future digital vision.”

This isn’t the first time Moo has brought the online world offline through it’s products, back in January the company set up a service to turn your Facebook timeline into a real business card.

According to a press release from Moo, will initially sit alongside the website’s current suite of physical products, business cards, postcards, greeting cards, etc, as a standalone product, but in the future the two businesses are set to become much more closely aligned.

We just received an email from today too, because we’re such big fans and all have an account here at Shiny Media HQ, and the company were quick to assure users, in their own quirky, funny way, that the service is only set to get better:

“But don’t worry — we’re not going to get all weird and start bossing you about. Just think of us as your mom’s new husband. The kind that buys you a car, obviously — not the kind that makes you call him dad (nobody likes that guy).”

We’re excited to see what Moo and Flavors can do together and of course how awesome they can make us sound in the future…

Becca Caddy