Apple's iPhone 5: UK pricing and networks revealed


Our sister site Tech Digest has just revealed that Apple’s new iPhone 5, with the next-generation iOS, has been given a steep £529 price tag.

And that, presumably, is just for the entry level, unlocked 16GB model, with Apple expected to announce further pricing on the 14th of September, the day that pre-order sales open. In the US, the iPhone will cost (at what we believe to be carrier subsidised prices) $199 for the 16GB version, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB. While UK contract prices are likewise expected to be significantly cheaper than £529, it again seems that UK iPhone buyers will be paying a premium over their American cousins.

A number of UK networks have also revealed that they will be carrying the handset.

EE (formally Everything Everywhere) told Tech Digest that they “will launch an exclusive 4G LTE version of the new iPhone when the EE customer brand launches in the coming weeks, giving customers five times faster network speeds than on 3G.”

Orange and T-Mobile, now under the EE umbrella, will also carry the handset on standard 3G networks.

Vodafone, Three and O2 have all also announced that they will carry the new iPhone, meaning that every UK network will offer the new smartphone in some shape or form.

[Via Tech Digest]

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Becca Caddy


  • This position ideal for portable use anywhere, sofa, bed, in the garden or in the elevator to the screen if you have a separate keyboard

  • Premium over their American cousins!!! Are you joking. I'm a Brit living in NY and even now to buy an iphone 4S requires a $200 initial charge plus a minimum of around $80 for a 2 year plan. If you get an unlimited data and minutes contract that rises to over $110. In the UK you can get an iPhone 4s for about 35 quid on a contract with everything and 2GB data, with no upfront fee, which is over half the price.

    So while the phone itself may be more expensive to buy in the UK individually it's MUCH cheaper to own an iPhone in the United Kingdom I assure you, Indeed given the price of plans over here, it's cheaper to pay the $650 to avoid the $100 + plans – and then you still have to pay for prepaid minutes and data, So count yourself lucky you live in the good old UK at the time of the iPhone 5!!! So stop your “the world is against us” whining and actually learn a bit about the way phone contracts work over here before putting fingers to keyboard!

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