YES WORLD: There's a cat video exhibition at The Minneapolis Art Museum

maru-the-catt.jpgThey put a smile on everyone’s face regardless of age, race or gender, they bring offices together with laughter and brighten up even the darkest of days. Hell, we’re even pretty sure one day they’ll cure diseases and resolve conflicts too. Have you guessed what we’re talking about yet? Well, CAT VIDEOS, that’s what.

Whether you’re a die-hard Maru fan, prefer the ones that shriek things, show everyone you meet the one with the ninja moves or could never get sick of Nyan Cat, there’s a video out there that we’re pretty sure would appeal to everyone on the planet. So given how widespread the cat-video-love is right now, it’s hardly surprising that a number of them have been showcased at The Minneapolis Art Museum this month. That’s right, no longer just confined to the deep, dark depths of the internet, cat videos are on display at a real life museum.

The cat videos make up part of #catvidfest, a celebration of all things feline on the web and includes some of our all time favourites, like the one that barks out of the window and ninja cat.

View the full list of everything from #catvidfest on YouTube.

[Via Jezebel Via CBS News]
Becca Caddy