WTF: New app rewards your child with love if they do chores

crying-child.jpgWe’re not sure whether there’s something in the air this Friday or whether the Mayans were right and the sky is about to come crashing down on us all and bring about the apocalypse. First Lauren Conrad mutilated some books Saw-style, then we discovered an app that can impregnate your friends and family and now here’s another one that rewards your child if they do chores with regular reward-like things, such as points! presents! junk food! oh and your parental love.

The app called ChoreMonster (which is currently in beta) sounds great in theory, giving your kids awesome incentives to do boring things, like clear the table, in a fun and colourful way. However, it’s not until you delve a little deeper into the rewards that everything becomes a little less fun, modern and digital parenting in 2012 and more sad, lonely Dickensian workhouse.

Fair enough we all know kids sometimes don’t want to do things and sometimes bribing them (or maybe a better word is “encouraging them”) is the only way to teach them to help out around the house and become better little human beings. However, it’s the promise of “anything from hugs to money to a camping trip” that worries us.

That’s right HUGS. HUGS. WTAF. Now I’m no expert parent (I’m no parent but I have got a small sister, so you know, I feel like I have a leg to stand on here), but I really don’t think affection should be used as a bargaining chip to clear away the plates or shove the dog outside, right? RIGHT? That’s not to say offering them money is great either, but everyone’s currently whining about how young people have no work ethic, so maybe forcing them to get out there and earn cash as a toddler could have its strengths.

ChoreMonster is available from iTunes for free.

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