New workout clothes vibrate when you mess everything up


Designers are currently working on a new range of clothes called Move, which don’t just do all of the regular things that workout clothes should do, like allow your skin to breathe and ensure you’re super comfortable, but they also improve your posture, your workout and essentially the way you move by vibrating when you mess everything up.

We all know that yoga and pilates makes us fitter, calmer and all-round better human beings, but getting those postures correct (especially when you’re trying to teach yourself with YouTube videos to save money) can be really difficult, which is where the idea for Move came from.

Developed by designer Jennifer Darmour, the concept technology works by embedding four “stretch and bend” sensors into your clothing at the front, back and sides of your body. These sensors then read your positioning and movement, assess whether everything is correct and if it isn’t you’ll feel a slight buzzing in the offending area, the more mature and subtle equivalent of someone shouting “DO BETTER” at your face. Once you’ve realised what you were doing wrong you’ll then get three nicer little buzzes to tell you you’re now on the right track.

The sensors also send data via Bluetooth to your mobile, where an accompanying app will help you analyse how you’ve been moving and which parts of your body tend to cause the most problems. It’s designed to be really simple to use, so you can see animations of how your muscles have been working and importantly track your performances over time.

The technology doesn’t just ensure you’re creating pretty shapes either, the more precise you are the faster and more efficient your moves will be, decreasing the chance of injury in the process.

[Via Connected Health Via New Scientist]
Becca Caddy


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