Stky is a simple to-do list app for post-it lovers


There are so many apps available for creating and keeping track of your to-do lists, whether you want a simple and intuitive solution (we’re big fans of Clear) or something a little more detailed with sharing options (give Wunderlist a whirl).

Now a new iOS app, created by Dave Feldman of CrunchFund, aims to make your to-do lists even more simple and (hopefully) doable. Just like a post-it note, everyday the app presents you with a blank screen, which you can choose to fill from a drawer full of tasks that you’ve already written out or add in new ones. You can then mark tasks as completed or send them back to the drawer until a later date.

Dave Feldman explained the thinking behind Stky to TechCrunch and said:

“Most of us aren’t disciplined enough to maintain a to-do list effectively.

“Despite our best intentions it gets out of hand. One day we can’t face the 200 items in our “today” list. So we close the app, grab a sticky note, write five things on it, and slap it on our monitors.”

As much as we hate to say it, as we’re sat surrounded by awesome tech and hundreds of thousands of apps, sometimes there’s nothing quite like grabbing a blank post-it note, so we hope Stky will be able to give us that experience on our mobiles in a much more organised way.

Available from iTunes for £1.49.

[Via TechCrunch]

Becca Caddy