Lost your phone? NeedNumbers.me gets contacts from Facebook

drunk-asleep-large.jpgOh don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You got a bit drunk, you dropped your phone down the toilet, or left it on the bar, or just threw it somewhere and now you have no phone and no numbers. Awhh lots of sad little emoticons for you :( :( :(. But fear not because a clever new service called NeedNumbers.me is here to piece your life back together one Facebook friend at a time.

NeedNumbers.me removes the need for you to set up one of those “OMGZ I LOST MY PHONE AGAIN, WHAT A LOSER” groups and re-add each number separately, instead it connects up to your Facebook account and gives you a breakdown of every group and event you’re part of. It’ll then create a list of all of your friends and the phone numbers they’ve shared with everyone recently.

There’s bound to be some repetitions and incorrect numbers, so you can then go through them, amend the contact details and have the numbers and contact details saved directly to your phone.

Now admittedly this isn’t always going to work and people have pseudonyms and some people don’t share their correct numbers, etc, etc, but it’s certainly a clever and handy idea for the clumsy phone losing people amongst us.

[Via TechCrunch Image via Jo Jakeman Flickr]
Becca Caddy


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