allows you to track your health and fitness data


As more and more people start tracking everything from the miles they run to the hours of sleep they get each night with the help of the many quantified self apps and gadgets out there, it can be really hard to make sense of all the data you’re getting day in and day out.

Of course most of the best apps and gadgets have handy dashboards and dedicated apps that keep everything as simple and accessible as possible, but a new service called has launched in beta, which provides you with a central hub to keep an eye on all of these different kinds of data, all in one place. provides you with a dashboard that draws everything together, including data collected from your Fitbit, Garmin device, Withings and Zeo, with the promise of even more integration with different apps and gadgets in future. It doesn’t just allow you to visualise everything either, it’s a safe way to store data and even print off reports if you’re taking the whole quantified self movement super seriously.

For those who are really into social networking, doesn’t just have to be about your health and fitness either, you can use it to literally track EVERYTHING else you do too, from the places you visit to your daily activities too. Not that we’re recommending that you do lifestream everything through it, but you know, if you wanted to be THAT annoying, you totally could.

The service isn’t widely available yet, but you can request an invite and start tracking anything and everything over the next few months as the company rolls out access to more and more users.

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[Via Connected Health]
Becca Caddy