Facebook adds new calendar and list views to your events

facebook-list-digital-trends.jpegA group of clever Facebook engineers have finally brought us a way to see upcoming events in a calendar-style layout. So you can view everything you’ve been invited to in a given month at once, which is usually how calendars work…

Facebook’s new Events Calendar feature allows you to flick between a list or calendar view and not only do you see the events you’ve been invited to, but you can see suggested events, events that friends are attending, photos of people who have a birthday coming up soon and even take a look at things going on at places you’ve checked-in to before and events pages you’ve liked are holding, whether it’s a venue or a band. Wow, we’re all going to be REALLY busy once the new feature kicks in.

You click on any event to be taken through to the dedicated page set up for it and can move back through months too, just as you would with a regular calendar. It’s not particularly exciting or innovative, especially if you’re good at organising your commitments elsewhere, but it’s handy for Facebook social butterflies and will probably make us more likely to turn up to things.

Facebook product engineer Bob Baldwin told Digital Trends:

“A few of us created a Facebook group called “Social Calendar Dreamers” to spark discussion around making Events more visual. At the next hackathon, engineers from the events, photos, messages and other teams hacked through the night to build a better way to view events. By 6 a.m., we had a prototype that worked.”

Some users have already noticed the added feature once they click through to Events Calendar, but if it’s not been rolled out to you yet expect it in the next few weeks.

[Via Digital Trends]
Becca Caddy

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