WTHR, the fairest app of them all (and it tells you about the weather)


We expressed concern for our own minds and eyes last week when we called the new Nike+ Running app beautiful, but it seems that there’s a new contender ready to take the fairest app of them all crown and it’s called WTHR.

The WTHR app aims to bring us details about the weather in a beautiful and simple way. There’s no unnecessary rubbish you don’t need, just a dial that tells you what kind of weather to expect over the next 7 days, followed by a little description and an estimate of the temperature in either celsius or fahrenheit.

The app does that pretentious take-all-of-the-vowels-out thing, but we still think it’s our new favourite app because it just looks so good. According to the blurb on iTunes, WTHR is based on Rams’ ten principles of “good design”, which might explain why we can’t stop staring at it. But most importantly it does tell you what’s going on outside in a way that’ll really appeal to the visual learners amongst you.

Available from iTunes for 69p.

Becca Caddy


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