APP OF THE DAY: Nike+ Running the most beautiful app you ever did see


We’re not sure when we stopped referring to works of art or people or sunsets as beautiful and instead started declaring our love for apps, but today we’ve fallen head over heels for the revamped Nike+ GPS app, now called just Nike+ Running.

Nike’s huge ecosystem of running tools, apps and gadgets is getting stronger and more popular by the day, so it makes perfect sense one of its core offerings should get a new name, lick of paint and a few changes here and there to ensure it stays ahead of the rest.

Nike+ Running still has all of the good bits of Nike+ GPS, but everything has been parred down to bring the focus back to what matters, running. It looks great, with big, chunky no nonsense fonts, a sidebar hidden away if you want more options and lots of lovely, shiny red EVERYWHERE.

Our favourite new features include the heat-map-style routes, added NikeFuel metrics, deep Facebook integration and did we mention it JUST LOOKS BLOODY LOVELY?!


For a more detail rundown of the features and how they impact on the Nike fitness ecosystem, visit our sister site Connected Health.

To download the app visit Nike+ Running, it’s available for both Android and iOS devices and if you haven’t got your hands on it yet, you’ll be happy to know it’s now completely free.

Becca Caddy