WTF: Hairdressers may soon be replaced by robots


We’ve heard of robots cleaning our homes, looking after the elderly and going on adventures with Luke Skywalker, but Panasonic has recently pioneered a new device that will… drum roll please… change the way we wash our hair. Oh.

The fear that robots will soon deem 90% of the population redundant and take over more and more of our jobs (before slowly killing us all) isn’t really that new. Only last month we learned that robots are to play more of a central role in the care for the elderly (you’re out of a job, care assistants) and a brilliant article published over on Jezebel claimed they’d be the future of the sex industry (you’re out of a job, prostitutes).

Well now it seems hairdressers are the next on Skynet’s hitlist, as Panasonic is currently trialling the Head Care Robot at the Super Hair Seo salon in Nishinomiya. It’s a device with nozzles, water jets and more than 20 ‘mechanical fingers’ (mmm, our favourite kind) to massage your scalp and clean your hair. Check out the Head Care Robot in action over on Panasonic’s YouTube News Portal.

The new robot is the latest in a series of fancy new contraptions designed by Panasonic that aim to enrich people’s lives. Because let’s face it, before you can live a happy, enriched life you need good hair.

[Via The Verge]
Becca Caddy

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