WP App Store: WordPress gets an unofficial app store for premium themes


There are plenty of ways to find great themes and plug-ins for your WordPress blog or site or shop or whatever it is you have. You can look through the official WP theme and plugin directory, but if you’re willing to part with your pennies there isn’t really a central place for premium themes, plug-ins and fancy knick-knacks, you just have to browse a lot of random sites to find what you want.

Well now freelance developer Brad Touesnard has created a solution called the WP App Store, which allows you to browse, buy and install a range of themes and plug-ins from top brands directly from within the WordPress dashboard.

The WP App Store is a plug-in itself, which you’ll need to install to be able to use it properly and it’ll then pop-up as an option in the left-hand sidebar alongside Tools and Settings.

There are all kinds of themes and plug-ins in the WP App Store alongside demos, information and screenshots that you can search for really easily. There’s a wide selection from little known developers and many from more popular brands like WooThemes and Press 75. To get one of the themes or plug-ins for yourself, you click on what you want, go to “install” and then you’ll be asked to create a WP App Store account, fill in your billing details and away you go.

So OK, it’s not an “app store” as such, but you can browse through themes and plug-ins in the same way you’d snoop around for an app in iTunes, so let’s accept that label for now.

[Via The Next Web]
Becca Caddy


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