moreBeaute2: The ultimate photo app for posers and Photoshop junkies


If you enjoy taking photos of your face and then editing them beyond recognition, then moreBeaute could be your new favourite app.

Quick and easy-to-use photo application moreBeaute makes your skin look smooth and glowing, a bit like a Barbie or a cherub.

To make your face Mattel-like, simply take a photo using the app, or upload one from your Camera Roll and moreBeaute then makes it look all dreamy. If you want you can then tweak certain elements, like Brightness, Smoothness, Detail and Tone all with handy sliders, so you can view how each affects the photo instantly. You can also toggle between Before and After photos while you edit too, so you can “oo” and “ah” at the differences.

Once you’re happy with your new shiny face you can then share your photo to Facebook, Twitter or just your Camera Roll.

Now we’re really not saying there’s anything wrong with your skin at all how it is. In fact the glowing complexion you get from moreBeaute is a little bit creepy, but if you enjoy playing around with Photoshop, applying blurring techniques and smoothing out imperfections, then this is a really fun and simple way to do it.

But please please PLEASE don’t go overboard. You don’t want to look like a blow up doll in all of your photos. Or maybe you do. In which case GO WILD.

Available from the app store for free. There’s also a premium version too, but the only different is it doesn’t have ads, so save your pennies and just ignore the ads. Simple.

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Becca Caddy


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