PicMonkey: Simple online photo editing with Instagram-style filters


We’re all STILL obsessed with Instagram-style filters that make our photos look like they were taken by our grandparents, so we were happy to find an online tool for adding our own vintage filters, which is free, super easy-to-use AND comes with a lot of simple editing features too.

PicMonkey is an online photo editing tool that allows you to simply drag photos across onto your browser to begin tweaking things without messing around with logging onto the site.

Once you’ve uploaded a photo you can start using the tools down the left-hand side. There are basic adjustments, like cropping, rotating and sharpening tools, as well as a huge selection of frames and textures. If you like touching up your photos you’ll find a number of options to make your face look even more beautiful, like Blemish Fix and Spray Tan. You can also add text and shapes onto your images too. However, we’re most excited about all of the awesome filters, like Warhol, Lomo, HDR, Sepia and Cross Process, which can all be adjusted and customised.

It obviously can’t be compared to the likes of Photoshop, but if you just want a few simple editing tools and like your vintage filters then PicMonkey is far easier to use and a much cheaper alternative that you can access from anywhere.

We’re not sure why a crazed orange monkey keeps popping up on your images by the way, but it’s not there when you save your final masterpiece, so don’t worry.

Check it out: picmonkey.com

Becca Caddy


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