WTF: There's nothing hotter than the scent of a MacBook Pro

i-love-apple.jpgNot content with having all of the Apple products, Apple hair cuts and Apple tattoos (YES REALLY), Apple fan boys and girls all over the globe can now smell like Apple products. But not just any old Apple products, those that have just been birthed into the world from their boxes. Ahh, we wish we were kidding.

As if the world’s obsession with Apple wasn’t creepy and disturbing enough already, it seems devoted fans may soon be able to get their hands on an elusive scent specially designed to mimic that magical moment when you open the box to see your new gadget smiling up at you.

Now luckily a big fan with too much time and money on their hands hasn’t decided to make the scent, but fragrance marketing agency Air Aroma was given the challenge by art group Greatest Hits for some kind of odd exhibition they’re holding soon. Oh you crazy art world you.

According to Creativity Online, the scent is layered, meaning you’ll be able to identify the distinctive top notes of plastic wrapping and cardboard, along with the fresh, subtle hints of paper. Then, the sensual climax, the aluminium and plastic fusion of the gadget underneath. Hot.

We hope the scent is just sprayed onto pretentious arty types at the Greatest Hits exhibition and doesn’t start being stocked at your local Apple store. Although we really wouldn’t be so surprised if it was…

[Via Creativity Online]
Becca Caddy


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