Draw Something realises you like to share your terrible and "hilarious" scribbles


Draw Something has released a new update today that allows users to make snarky comments, save their masterpieces and share them to Facebook and Twitter. Oh. BRILLIANT.

We’ve all played Draw Something so much over the past few months that we’re awesome at drawing beaches, meatballs and Jordan’s breasts. Last week we thought we were all getting a bit sick of the insanely popular Pictionary-meets-Words With Friends hybrid, but it seems we just had to prioritise a little better. Drawing a photo of Bieber is in actual fact NOT as important as working/eating/sleeping. Who knew.

Well now fellow Draw Something addicts will be happy to learn their favourite app received an update today, which allows them to write comments to those they’re playing with, save their creations to their camera roll and then share them with their friends on Facebook and Twitter too. They’re all very understandable updates, but we’re not sure how excited we are to see our Facebook news feeds clogged up with those HILARIOUS drawings.

The thing is we get it. We get the hot sauce bottle that looks like a penis was SO FREAKING FUNNY at the time. However, unfortunately the whole sharing-you-doodles-all-the-time phenomenon makes us feel like we’re exposed to irritating in-joke after nauseating in-joke.

If you haven’t got Draw Something already (we’re envious of your social lives) then download it from iTunes for free.

Becca Caddy


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  • The thing is we get it. We get the hot sauce bottle that looks like a penis was SO FREAKING FUNNY at the time.

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