New Prometheus trailer to be followed by live advert of tweets


Channel 4 will be airing a live ad full of your tweets to see just how excited the Twitterverse is about the new Prometheus movie.

Here at Shiny Shiny we genuinely couldn’t be more excited about Ridley Scott’s new film Prometheus. We’ve been watching movie blogs like hawks (the geekiest kinds of hawks, of course) for a sneak peek of the latest trailers, photos, news, hell we’ve even started to care about celebrity gossip because the cast is just so damn good and we want to know what they’re all up to 24/7.

If you’re only half as excited (read:obsessed) as us, then you’ll be happy to know that another brand new trailer for the film is set to be aired on Channel 4 on the 29th April during the first break of Homeland. Now this is great news, but it’s fairly standard for a highly anticipated movie to have its trailer played during the ad break of a popular TV show, right?

But wait, the interesting part is that after the trailer has been aired a live advert will be played full of live tweets documenting just how thrilled UK film geeks really are about the new movie. To be in with a chance of having your thoughts included in the live ad, then use the hashtag #areyouseeingthis after the new trailer has been aired.

This is a great way to show just how much buzz there already is about the movie, even though its release date is still months away. And, even though it seems a little like we’re all being forced to share our opinions, we’re very tempted to do it anyway. Let’s just hope no one spoils the fun with lots of abuse and swearing, although we’d hope that Channel 4 already has that covered.

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