WTF: This weird little PhotoGee doll is also a Polaroid printer

PhotoGee from Kobi Ka on Vimeo.

There’s nothing quite like opening an email on a Monday morning to be greeted by the line, “I thought you may be interested in my new project. It’s a doll that poops photos”. Yes, really.

But fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) it’s no joke. The new toy/printer/freaky gadget called the PhotoGee is a quirky doll with a weird face that will ‘produce’ your photos instantly from its tiny little body. It’s a bit gross, funny and ideal for kids.

You can pair PhotoGee up with most smart phones that are Bluetooth-enabled, so you’re able to print your photos out instantly, then they’re either tiny little keepsakes or stickers.

Of course PhotoGee is essentially just an odd doll with a Polaroid Pogo printer stitched into its tummy, but where’s the fun in using a regular printer?!

The PhotoGee was dreamt up by artist and doll-maker Grace Shortlidge who came up with the idea at the last Burning Man festival and makes all of the dolls herself by hand.

You must check out the Photogee video above, which starts of as a fairly normal demonstration, then a guy with a husky voice kicks in singing ‘Oh Photogee, oh Photogee’. Priceless.

PhotoGee is currently a project listed on indiegogo looking for funding and for $30 you can get your hands on a doll yourself.

Becca Caddy

One thought on “WTF: This weird little PhotoGee doll is also a Polaroid printer

  • I’m not sure I’ll buy one but I wouldn’t mind having the woman at the start of the video – is she available? She’s really cute.


    (tell her I’m the spitting image of Brad Pitt)

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