Pinterest to get a redesign, but does it need it?


Super popular and addictive photo sharing and curating network Pinterest is set to get a redesign in the coming months, but does it REALLY need to change?

According to Mashable today, Pinterest’s CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann has revealed at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas that our Pinterest profiles will soon be getting a fancy new redesign.

He hasn’t yet revealed any exact details about what the makeover will entail and whether it’ll make the site look a little slicker or be a complete overhaul of what we already have (please NO). But, Silbermann did say that the key focus of the redesign will be so the team can add even more discovery features, allowing users to easily find others that pin like them and introducing a way to emphasise where we’re all getting our lovely content from.

It’s not just a redesign that might change our experience of the site soon either, but there’ll also be a chance to pin things from the likes of Hulu and Netflix. We’re not quite sure how we feel about that…

We’re big fans of Pinterest here at Shiny Shiny and therefore have a lot of faith in the team behind such a clever brand, but at the same time we’re a bit anxious that a site we’ve come to know and love more than our own relatives may be changing. There’s always a huge (and often unnecessary) backlash when popular online platforms change small elements of their sites, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that any changes will make Pinterest look better and improve our user experience in the long run.

[Via Mashable]
Becca Caddy