10 Top tips for saving your phone's battery life on-the-go

We’ve all been there, you’re on your way to an important meeting and don’t know where you’re going, or you’re catching up with a friend and said you’d text them with details about where to meet and THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD HAS HAPPENED. Your phone battery’s died. Cue crying, hyper-ventilating and roadside tantrums.

Of course we’d totally recommend that you pester over-enthusiastic Apple sales assistants for a place to charge up in the meantime, but to stop it happening in future here are a few valuable tips from Lookout Mobile Security. A lot of the advice might be obvious, but keeping track of which apps are constantly trying to work out your location, dimming your screen and switching from ring to vibrate are all handy tips we often forget about when we’re in a rush.


[Thumb image via nathanborror]
Becca Caddy