POLL: Would you give your boss your Facebook password?

We’ve all heard of potential employers checking us out on Facebook to see how many drunk photos and sweary updates we like to put up. But, since we all became so clued up and made all of our content super private, some companies are asking to actually have our passwords so they can access our accounts. Surely that’s a crazy, Nineteen Eighty-Four step too far, right? RIGHT?!

Well according to Venture Beat, some HR departments are asking that potential employees accept one of them as a friend, log-in on a company computer so they can peruse their profile or even hand over password information. As the blog points out, not only is this really freaking weird, but it violates Facebook’s terms of service, which says users can never reveal their details to others.

We get why you might need to hand over sensitive information if you were filling James Bond’s shoes or marrying Prince Harry, but for a run-of-the-mill job in an office?! COME. ON.

[Via Venture Beat Image via Keith’s Flickr]

Becca Caddy