Jux: Blogging platform adds lovely panoramic StreetView posts


Jux is further differentiating itself from other big blogging players by adding in StreetView posts with lovely panoramic images of our favourite locations.

Here at Shiny Shiny we’ve long been fans of quirky blogging platform Jux, and it seems the team are trying to make their offering stand out even more from the competition by adding in a range of new features, most recently the ability to add StreetView posts.

These new kinds of posts are unlike anything we’ve ever seen from the likes of Tumblr or WordPress and allow users to type in an address and see huge, fullsize images of any location using Google Maps. You can then pan around for the perfect angle, add your own post or caption and you’re done.

You’ve then got a blog entry on your Jux (or Jux blog, we’re not sure) that gives you a huge panorama of a location and really makes the most of Jux’s platform and Google’s clever maps and images from around the globe. We imagine the StreetView posts could be used for ALL kinds of things, like documenting your commute, writing about places you love or just dreaming about locations you’d love to visit.

Although Jux may not be as popular as other big blogging players at the moment, quirky little additions like StreetView posts, which cleverly merge online and offline worlds and provide us with different kinds of interactive content, really make it stand out. A big thumbs up from the Shiny Shiny team.

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Becca Caddy