Apple: What do we all want to see in the new iPad?


Apple is holding an exclusive event on Wednesday at which it’s expected to announce the next version of its ever popular iPad tablet (and possibly Apple TV too), but what do we all REALLY want to see in the new model?

We don’t like to jump to conclusions too much here at Shiny Shiny (OK, that’s a lie), but we’ve got everything crossed for the big unveiling of the iPad 3 (or HD) tomorrow evening. Apple fan boys and girls are excited, a lot of us are worried about our bank balances and the rest are wondering just what the new device will have to offer.

According to a study commissioned by the top features that Brits would like to see are all rather sensible and predictable, including a better camera and much more storage.

Here’s a rundown of the top features we’re hoping for:

1. Improved camera

2. Larger storage (rumoured option of 128GB)

3. Improved battery life

4. Better connectivity (rumoured option of 4G)

5. Higher-res screen

6. Release of a new operating system (rumoured update to iOS 5.1)

7. Bigger screen

8. Thinner in size

9. Siri

10. USB port in iPad

The study also asked the 918 respondents whether they’d consider purchasing the new model, 18% said they would, despite not even knowing ANYTHING about it yet and a more sensible 48% said they weren’t too sure yet.

According to the tech blog rumour mill this morning an HD screen, improved camera, better processor and 4G connectivity are some of the top features key industry players are expecting to see tomorrow, so well done Brits, you’ve made some top predictions.

We’ll be covering the iPad HD/3/2S news tomorrow as it happens, so check back for the latest updates!

Becca Caddy