Samsung announces pink Galaxy Note: Are we angry, happy or none of the above?


According to various sources, Samsung has unveiled a new model of its popular (and freaking HUGE) Galaxy Note handset at CeBit this week in a shade of dark pink.

From what we can tell it’s got all the same specs as the original blue and white versions, so was a pink model really necessary?

The debate about whether tech brands should venture into the sickly sweet and rather controversial world of pink gadgets has been raging for YEARS.

The general consensus seems to be that yes, it shouldn’t have to be pink to make the female sex want it. Yes, it can be a little offensive to think women just want stuff that’s the colour of candy floss. But no, we shouldn’t be getting quite so angry about it because (and many may find this hard to stomach) some women clearly buy pink gadgets, or they wouldn’t be wheeled out time and time again by so many tech brands.

We’ve got no surefire answer as to whether pink gadgets on the whole are awesome, disgusting or giving out the wrong message to youngsters, but thought we’d collect together some past articles from Shiny Shiny and a few of our other favourite sites about the whole debate:

How gadget makers try to understand the ladybrain by Katie Lee.

All hail the pink mobile phone: Top ten pink handsets by Lucy Hedges.

Where are all the gender neutral gadgets for kids? by Cate Sevilla on BitchBuzz.

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