52Grams: Create a pretentious Instagram lookbook of your outfits


Although it’s still early days for new Instagram app 52Grams, we LOVE the idea of collecting all of our style shots together in one lovely (and maybe a little pretentious) lookbook.

Another day, another Instagram-related tool to make even more of your vintage snaps. The very new and rather sparse 52Grams is a new Instagram app and website, which turns users’ Instagram collections into stylish lookbooks.

To begin with you simply hook up 52Grams to your Instagram account and then pick photos from your feed to create and share lookbooks of your personal style, or even street style, or your friend’s style. It doesn’t matter who you’re taking photos of, it’s just all about fashion, accessories and sharing lovely looks.

Although there aren’t many users actively sharing yet, there are some interesting features, like the fact you don’t have to take fashion-related photos all the time, you can pick and choose which are special enough for your lookbook. There could also be good opportunities for brands and shopping addicts in the future too, as you can tag the items you’re wearing so others can get their hands on them easily.

We don’t doubt 52Grams could be a huge hit, as it has the same appeal as our favourite outfit sharing sites, like lookbook.nu and WIWT, but it’s solely for Instagram lovers. Whether that’s too much of a niche and would put some people off or it’s just what the site needs to build a passionate community, we’re not sure yet, but we’re excited to find out.

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Becca Caddy

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