Shiny Shiny's top Pinterest users you should be following

Pinterest really is what you make of it, so follow some of our top recommended users for plenty of cool photography, fashion snaps and design inspiration.

So you’ve bought into the Pinterest hype, you’ve created some boards with pretentious titles and a large proportion of the time you’d usually spend working/eating/sleeping has been taken up by the obsessive pinning of EVERYTHING in sight.

Sure you can use Pinterest to just store content that you see around the web, but a big part of the site is about re-pinning, liking and commenting on photos that other users have uploaded too. Although you can browse through photos by category on Pinterest with ease, it’s really much more useful if you follow a bunch of cool people who tend to pin things you’re interested in.

Yes many argue Pinterest is too girly or pretentious or just rubbish. But our advice is STOP FOLLOWING LOTS OF GIRLY/PRETENTIOUS/RUBBISH PEOPLE THEN, it’s really not rocket science.

We compiled a short list of awesome people to follow on Pinterest back in September, but here’s an updated list with our top ten suggestions of who’s really worth following, whether you’re into photography, cupcakes or design, along with a few suggestions from Twitter too:

Hansol Kim

Best for: The most amazing photos


My personal favourite Pinterest user, Hansol Kim curates some of the most beautiful photographs from all over the web. There are lots of boards of lovely looking people, which tend to get a LOT of re-pins, but as a photographer himself the more technical boards about different poses, movements and lighting are pretty fascinating too. I love the fact he labels his boards in a pretty unique way too, with the first names of famous stars, take a look at Audrey, James and Marilyn.

Follow him:

Oscar PR Girl

Best for: Fashion content and behind-the-scenes exclusives


We’ve been big fans of Oscar PR Girl’s online activity for a LONG time now and it seems she doesn’t fail to disappoint in the world of Pinterest either. She labels her boards in a super simple way, collecting only the best photos from the world of fashion and everything Oscar de la Renta. There are also some dreamy photos of interiors and hairstyles to swoon at too.

Follow her:

Recommended by: @teriTECHNO /

GSD&M / SXSurvival

Best for: Innovative use of Pinterest


We love boards full of inspiring and cute pins as much as the next person, but as the community has gained momentum over the past few months we’ve started to see some rather different uses of Pinterest and this example from GSD&M is pretty damn cool.

The agency has created a SXSW Survival Guide to help those attending the popular Austin conference make the most of their time and find out what to eat, drink, see and do around town. The thing that makes it really stand out is that the agency essentially put a front-end microsite on top of their Pinterest boards. Genius. Check out the site at

Follow them:

Recommended by: @33Digital

The Perfect Palette

Best for: Weddings and colour inspiration


Whether you love it or hate it, Pinterest is a brilliant place for wedding planning and a modern day version of the traditional scrap book. If collecting colours, fabrics and all kinds of other ideas for your big day takes up a lot of your time on Pinterest, then there are SO many different users you can follow. Our favourite, and the most popular, has to be The Perfect Palette, an eye popping celebration of all things colour, weddings and smart ideas.

Follow them:

Sha Hwang

Best for: Design and architectural inspiration


A designer who pins a lot of the usual stuff you see on the site day in and day out, like his heroes and food snaps, but he’s so popular because he also has a great collection of design pins, which are both clever and fascinating. Installation and Spaces and Architect and Heart are two of our all time favourite boards.

Follow him:

Jane Wang

Best for: Variety and a huge mix of lovely pins


One of the most popular users on Pinterest, Jane Wang pins photos spanning pretty much every topic you can think of, from cupcakes to marine life. She also has great taste too, so she’s a handy person to follow if you’re just getting into this whole Pinterest lark.

Follow her:

Christine Martinez

Best for: A cute mix of fashion and interiors


Another VERY popular user, Christine Martinez pins lots of lovely, stylish and colourful content covering most of Pinterest’s most popular categories, like interiors, fashion and cool stuff for the home.

Follow her:

Michael Litman

Best for: Information junkies


He’s a friend of Shiny Shiny’s and may not have the HUGE following of others on the list, but Michael’s Infographics and Quotes board is pretty damn addictive if you’re an information junkie.

Follow him:

Shiny Shiny


Yep, this is obviously a really biased one and we’ve only JUST started using it, but as a dedicated fan of the site you should really go and follow us RIGHT NOW. We’ll be pinning some of the best content we find from around the web, links to our features and sneak peek photos from all the best tech shows and events we attend. Oh, as well as lots of weird stuff we find too for our WTF board.

Follow us:

You can also check out another Shiny Media page, Bridalwave, or some of the team’s personal accounts, Becca Caddy (me, me) and Elisabeth Edvardsen.

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