Pinterest: Is it just full of crafts, cookies and kittens?


Pinterest is a useful photo bookmarking tool that allows you to “pin” content to a number of different boards. We’ve written about it a few times before and it featured in our list of the top curation and visual inspiration networks with the likes of We Heart It and Visualize Us, which in many ways are pretty similar.

I’m personally a HUGE fan of Pinterest and I find it’s the only platform of its kind that lets me easily bookmark photos and then save them in a way that just makes sense for me. I collect tattoo and hair inspiration, photos from around the world that make me long to travel and cool gadgets I want to get my hands on.

However, I’ve found that when I tell people about my new romance with Pinterest they just don’t seem to get it. Sure I know of a few dedicated fans here and there, but a lot of those who I recommend it to see it as a bit too “crafty”, full of fluff, animals and wedding planning.

It’s weird such a new platform (I say new, I mean about a year old which is still kinda new, right?) has already become associated with a certain niche. I’m not saying there’s anything remotely wrong with that niche, I love cute pictures and crafts as much as the next person, but I sometimes think these kinds of stereotypes are a shame and might put people off giving it a whirl.

Yes Pinterest does lend itself to that kind of content, but it doesn’t have to ALL of the time. The content you see and photos you re-pin totally depend on who you follow and how you use the platform yourself.

It can be a really useful tool for all kinds of things, selling your products, how-tos, personal bookmarking and even a place to share your photos if you’re working for a brand. It really has so many uses and although they CAN involve recipes and animals, they don’t have to.

Then again, there’s no point forcing anyone to start using something that doesn’t suit them. If you cast Facebook and Twitter aside for a minute, all kinds of online services like bookmarking sites, email clients and RSS readers are all very much down to personal preference and I doubt you’ll find an office full of people that all use the same online stuffs.

If you’re looking for a bit of diversity, here are five Pinterest users worth following:

1. Andrew Hsu
He pins: A mixture with a focus on simple, functional yet beautiful design
His best board: Graphics

2. Nathan Williams
He pins: Beautiful and classic bits and pieces, from iconic photographs to timeless clothing to interiors, with a healthy dose of tattoos.
His best board: Her or Him, I can’t make my mind up.

3. Felecia Dunson
She pins: All kinds of things, but she seems to have a knack for discovering the most amazing photographs.
Her best board: 2danceis2dream

4. Sarah Harvey
She pins: EVERYTHING. But you can tell she’s got an eye for design as she pins only the best images.
Her best board: It’s really hard to pick one, but cute and fun graphics never fails to make me smile.

5. Shannon Henry
She pins: Another serial Pinterest fan with a more “edgy” twist.
Her best board: Science and nature

Oh and I promise I don’t secretly work for Pinterest by night.

Becca Caddy


  • Amazing write-up, I think there are many options outside of the “cute” side of Pinterest. So thank you for that. Also this infographic about Pinterest just came through on my twitter feed and thought it might be something you and your readers would enjoy. It talks about how local businesses can use Pinterest to market their products.

    Thanks again.

  • Many brides love and use Pininterest for inspiration as they plan the wedding of their dreams. We’ve found that many of our blog post pictures end up on Pininterest and think the site is especially useful for wedding planning. It’s not just about crafts and kittens, but a source of inspiration for anyone looking for creative references. Some of the most popular items at have ended up on Pininterst.

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