Kuchi-Paku polar bear singing iPhone speaker

Every Christmas there’s a gimmicky toy that everyone loves to hate, remember when far too many people had that odd talking fish on their walls a few years back? Yeah, that.

Well this year (yes, we know it’s still months away) the big toy trend seems to be putting our mobiles to good use, with all kinds of singing and dancing toy animals powered by our favourite gadgets.

Yesterday we featured the first toy of this kind. Well Ashley, I see your dancing cat and I raise you ONE SINGING POLAR BEAR.

The Kuchi-Paku polar bear is pretty simple to use, just turn it on, plug your phone into it, play some jolly music and it’ll work as a speaker AND sing along. You can also use it with a microphone too to add a bit more fun to your next karaoke session.

Yes it’s a bit cheesy, but you’ve got to admit it’s cute and fun too. Oh and we can pretty much GUARANTEE it’ll be a big hit with kids.

You can get the Kuchi-Paku polar bear speaker from Firebox for £38.99 and while you’re there check out his friends, an equally talented penguin and a pretty entertaining lion.

Becca Caddy