Facebook: Send bitchy/naughty/secret agent messages then have them self destruct


A new Facebook application called PrivateString allows users to self destruct their messages moments later.

If you’re prone to saying things that are a little mean, naughty or confidential then chances are Facebook isn’t for you. Anything you write could be saved and forwarded on around the world by your ‘friends’ or stored on Facebook’s servers until the end of time.

So, a new Facebook app called PrivateString could be just what you need, as it allows you to self destruct messages shortly after you’ve sent them, which seems handy but also a little creepy at the same time. Should we REALLY be saying things we have to wipe off the face of the earth moments later?

PrivateString is basically a kind of private wall app, allowing you to connect with friends and share all kinds of content with them. However, users can have everything set to self-destruct, or choose to self-destruct certain messages or photos at any given time.

Darin Myman, president and chief executive officer of BigString the company behind the app, tells All Facebook:

“Our status updates and comments on Facebook, pictures we post, political and social comments we make or the jokes we think are funny are all becoming part of our permanent social record. BigString, like many other companies, performs social networking searches of potential employees. We believe PrivateString gives our users a private place to be uncensored in the world of Big Brother.”

He makes a good point. But although it’s good to know everything we say isn’t being watched and monitored, an app like PrivateString could also prove to be a place for bullying and lots of dodgy chat too.

Would you use a crazy, spy-like, self destructing app?

[Via All Facebook]
Becca Caddy