BEWARE: 34% of Brits WILL show your naked sex photos to their friends

sex-phone-kissing.jpgIt seems that none of us have learned from the recent spate of celebrity photo scandals, as according to a recent study more than a quarter of Brits have sex photos on their mobile phones right now, and that’s just the ones who are willing to admit it. Maybe we’re not such an uptight and prudish nation after all…

The study, carried out by, found that 26% of the 1,976 respondents with a camera phone have taken a sex photo or video of themselves and sent it onto someone else. We’re not entirely sure what constitutes a sex photo or video by the way, but imagine it’s anything that would need a NSFW warning on Twitter.

It may seem pretty innocent and normal (don’t judge us) to send a naughty snap to someone you’re seeing, but BEWARE, more than 34% of those who admitted to receiving any kind of sex photo or video also said they shared it with their friends shortly after. Awh how charming.

The findings started to get a little weird after that, when 12% of those with a photo in their possession admitted it was of an ex, despite the fact 53% of those were seeing someone new. Ew.

The lesson here is to think before you start posing à la Miss Johansson. If you wouldn’t be happy with the thought of your boyfriend’s (or girlfriend’s) mates seeing you naked, then you probably shouldn’t send it, or at least make sure you look really damn good in it.

Alternatively you could try an app like Picaboo, which flashes photos up on mobile phone screens for a matter of seconds, that why you’re sending it without the worry of everyone in the pub laughing at your sexy posing face.

Becca Caddy

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