Pinterest makes a profit from all our pointless pins

pinterest-logo-dollars.jpgYes, we know half of you are so sick of the Pinterest-related posts already and the other half of you are sat there furiously pinning away and sharing bags and books and blankets. But yesterday LLSocial uncovered something rather interesting about the ‘website of the moment’ that you may find a little surprising…

According to LLSocial Pinterest has been making money from affiliate links:

“If you post a pin to Pinterest, and it links to an ecommerce site that happens to have an affiliate program, Pinterest modifies the link to add their own affiliate tracking code. If someone clicks through the picture from Pinterest and makes a purchase, Pinterest gets paid.”

The blog post goes on to state that Pinterest is using popular affiliate marketing service Skimlinks, and although many small sites use it too, it looks like Pinterest could be its biggest client to date…

Disclosure: Shiny Shiny is a Skimlinks partner

[Via LLSocial]
Becca Caddy

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  • Pinterest becomes popular because of its unique concepts and idea, the pinning photos or photo sharing in this work, people will get enjoy working with Pinterest.

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