Logitech launches Touch Mouse M600, a treat for your fingertips


Today Logitech has launched a new gesture-enabled mouse called the Logitech Touch Mouse M600.

Set to take on the Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse and Apple’s Magic Mouse, the sleek device has a touch-sensitive top surface, allowing you to swipe and scroll through web pages and image galleries.

The mouse is also designed for ambidextrous use, meaning both left and right handed users can swipe away in comfort, with the left and right mouse buttons easily configured through the bundled software.

Todd Walker, brand manager at Logitech, said:

“People are growing accustomed to using fingertip gestures to navigate on their smartphones and tablets.

“In fact, for many people these gestures have become second nature. The Logitech Touch Mouse M600 reflects this evolution in how we interact with the digital world and extends to the computer what have become natural, intuitive motions.”

The Touch Mouse M600 is set to hit Dixons group stores exclusively for a three month period and will cost £59.99.

Becca Caddy