Facebook: Did an 'unfriending' incident really lead to alleged murder?

Thumbnail image for 704 facebook top.jpgWe were really saddened to read reports today that a man has been charged with alleged murder of a couple in Tennessee because he was upset that they had unfriended his daughter from Facebook.

According to the Associated Press, a couple were shot in their home by Marvin Potter after events had escalated following a series of arguments over the social network.

The sheriff dealing with the case said, “It’s a senseless thing” and we couldn’t agree more.

We imagine there are a lot more factors at play here and Facebook certainly isn’t to blame in any way. No one can really make any assumptions about this case yet, but in a way it’s crazy to think that such a small action online could have led to such an escalation in relations offline.

[Via Associated Press]
Becca Caddy