SITES WE LOVE: Pop Hive weekly web show, full of pop culture goodness

Pop Hive: Episode 2 from Pop Hive on Vimeo.

If you’re struggling to find an entertainment website that really speaks to you, i.e. one that isn’t full of TOWIE cellulite shots, cringeworthy reviews of chick flicks or juice diet tips, then you might want to take a big dose of the Pop Hive, a new weekly web show that brings us the best in entertainment and pop culture news without the usual gossip mag rubbish.

The Pop Hive isn’t a run-of-the-mill entertainment blog, it’s an easy to watch weekly web show brought to you by Cate Sevilla (of BitchBuzz fame). Each week the Pop Hive will cover the latest in entertainment news and pop culture related topics being discussed online, as well as reviews of books, TV, music and films.

The show will interestingly also serve as a showcase for female talent, with each episode including features and interviews with women who are making waves in their respective industries. Wow, who knew women could do more than pose for the paparazzi in hot pants?!

The fact the Pop Hive is delivered to you in bite-size video format means you can watch it on any device wherever you are, and also makes you feel like you’re giving yourself a bit of a treat. Or maybe that’s just us coveting Cate’s sense of style…

The Pop Hive’s weekly show goes live every Friday morning, just in time for lazy end of the week lunch time procrastination.

Check out the latest episode above, with Cate’s take on singer Kimbra, some quirky Valentine’s ideas and a lovely feature on our favourite Muppet, Miss Piggy.

You can follow the Pop Hive on Twitter too @PopHive.

Becca Caddy

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