Instagram upgrade introduces new filter Sierra and light feature Lux

Instagram lovers will be very happy to hear that their favourite photo app had yet another shiny new upgrade this weekend, which introduces a brand new filter, an interesting light feature called Lux that brightens up dark shots and an improved UI.

The new filter: Sierra

There’s just one new filter added to the Instagram collection this time round, it’s called Sierra, it’s warm and a little faded and it reminds us of a less intense version of Valencia.

Here’s a quick sample of Sierra in comparison to a few of our favourites:


And here it is with its lovely border too:


The new light feature: Lux

Probably the most exciting thing about the new upgrade is Lux, a way for you to alter your underexposed and dark photos with a single tap that makes them look much more bright and vibrant, a little like turning on HDR settings if you’re using your regular iPhone camera.

Here’s an example of a photo with and without Lux:


For more information about Lux, check out Instagram Tips: Using Lux over on the Instagram blog.

The new UI

Not too much has changed to the way the app actually functions, but there are more simplified header and menu bars, which makes everything look a little slicker.


Although Instagram’s big makeover last September angered a few dedicated fans, in our opinion the app’s upgrades have always made our photos and user experience even better over time. We heart you Instagram.

Becca Caddy