New music sharing and discovery service This Is My Jam open to all


We’ve heard a few people talking (or should we say seen them tweeting) about music sharing and discovery service This Is My Jam for a while now, but today the site has been opened up to all and allows users to find cool new music just one song at a time.

You begin by choosing just one track, one you’re meant to be really into at the moment. That becomes your jam, which is displayed on your personal profile page and you can add comments to it if you’d like about why it’s so super special to you. You can then share it with other users on This Is My Jam or on Twitter and Facebook, play the jams of others and discover a whole load of new music along the way. You can change your jam whenever you please, but it will expire after seven days when you’re forced to select a brand new one.

You can rate and comment on other people’s jams and follow them too in the same way you would on Twitter. So if you’d like you can hit play and work your way through the jams of everyone you follow, which we’re sure would create a rather fun and eclectic playlist.

This Is My Jam is certainly an interesting service and it’s good to see the focus being put on that one song you just can’t get out of your head rather than hundreds of different playlists.

[Via Lifehacker]
Becca Caddy


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